Carbon dioxide

CARBON DIOXIDE (CO2) is a colorless gas, odorless. It is widely used both in the food industry, and in fire extinguishing systems, in fire extinguishers. It is also used for carbonating water, when welding with wire, in pneumatic weapons, etc.

The carbon dioxide produced by Ingas LLC complies with TU U 24.1-14361569-006: 2006.

Note: Carbon dioxide has a relatively low critical temperature of + 31 ° C. About 24 kg of liquefied carbon dioxide is poured into a standard 40-liter cylinder, and at room temperature the liquid phase will be in the cylinder and the pressure will be about 6 MPa (60 kgf / cm²). If the temperature is above + 31 ° C, then carbon dioxide will go into a supercritical state with a pressure above 7.36 MPa. The standard working pressure for a regular 40-liter cylinder is 15 MPa (150 kgf / cm²), but it must safely withstand pressure 1.5 times higher, that is 22.5 MPa, - thus, work with such cylinders can be considered quite safe.

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