Helium has the lowest boiling point of all known substances

Helium (He) is a narrowly used product. It is chemically inert, has a high thermal conductivity, low molecular weight and size, and is also characterized by the lowest boiling point of all known substances.


Ingas LLC receives Helium brand 5.0,6.0 by the method of low-temperature rectification.


Helium is widely used:
• in metallurgy - as an inert protective gas for the smelting of pure metals, inert medium - arc welding;
• in the food industry - as packaging gas;
• as a refrigerant for ultra low temperatures;
• for filling aeronautical vessels;
• in deep-sea diving breathing mixes;
• for filling balloons and shells of meteorological probes;
• for filling gas discharge tubes (advertisement);
• as a coolant in some types of nuclear reactors;
• as a carrier gas in gas chromatography;
• as a component of the working fluid in helium-neon lasers.

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