Monatomic, non-toxic, odorless, colorless and tasteless chemically inert gas

Krypton (Kr) is a monatomic, non-toxic, odorless, chemically inert gas, color and taste.

Ingas LLC gets Krypton brand 5.0,6.0 by the method of low-temperature rectification.

• Krypton is used in space and over extreme medicine, as well as in diving practice;
• In medical practice, Krypton (Kr) is a source of β-radiation, and the short-lived isotope of krypton is used to study the function of the lungs;
• Krypton is used in the manufacture of super-power excimer lasers;
• To fill incandescent bulbs and increase filament life;
• Krypton fluorides are suggested as rocket fuel oxidizers;
• Filling of window blocks to reduce heat loss of buildings and premises.

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