Laser mixture

Laser gases for cutting and welding

Laser cutting and welding

Laser cutting is the most common laser metal treatment process. In fact, it is autogenous burning. The energy source is a highly focused laser beam.

Focused laser radiation of adjustable power is an ideal tool providing a high-quality smooth cutting edge surface of any material regardless of its thermophysical properties, starting with steel and its alloys with non-ferrous metals, aluminum with many options, titanium, magnesium, tantalum, copper, and ending with noble metals. When laser cutting there is no mechanical effect on the material being processed.

The use of gases in laser cutting processes occurs in two directions:
- Laser gases.
- Cutting gases.

Ingas LLC brings to your attention the gas mixtures produced by us in various concentrations at the request of the Customer for lasers and guarantees the quality of its products.
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