Inert monatomic gas without color and smell

Neon (Ne) is an inert monatomic gas with no color or odor. The fifth most common element in the universe.

Ingas LLC gets Neon brand 5.0,6.0 by low-temperature distillation.

• Liquid neon is used as a cooler in cryogenic plants.
• Used to provide an inert environment in the manufacture of semiconductors.
• Neon is filled with discharge lamps, signal lamps in electronic equipment, photo cells, rectifiers.
• A mixture of neon and helium is used as a working medium in gas lasers (helium-neon laser).
• Tubes filled with a mixture of neon and nitrogen, when an electric discharge is passed through them, give a red-orange glow, and therefore, they are widely used in advertising.
• In medicine, free radicals are frozen in the liquid substance of neon and animal tissue is preserved.
• Together with xenon used in electronics for the production of plasma panels.

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