Welding mixtures

Welding with the use of multicomponent gas mixtures based on argon (Ar)

At the present time, welding with one-component gases is outdated. The use of multicomponent gas mixtures based on argon (Ar) has become the modern stage of increasing the efficiency in the manufacture of welded metal structures. By changing the composition of the gas mixture, it is possible within certain limits to change the properties of the metal, the weld, and the welded joint as a whole. The advantages of such a welding process are that an inkjet and controlled process of transfer of the electrode metal is possible. These changes in the welding arc are an effective way to control its technological characteristics, such as:

  • performance
  • the magnitude of the loss of the electrode metal to spray,
  • the form,
  • mechanical properties of the weld metal,
  • the amount of penetration of the base metal.

The percentage of a gas in the mixture is taken based on the thickness of the metal being welded, the degree of doping and the requirements for welded joints, depending on the operating conditions of the product. The areas of application of various gas mixtures in consumable electrode welding and welding modes are given in the tables below. These mixtures are tested in practice, which allows us to recommend their use to obtain high-quality welded joints.

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